What are the best strings to use on Godin guitars?

Godin guitars are supplied with their own branded strings, whether electric, acoustic or nylon. Because the Godin Multiac guitars in particular are rather unusual, people are nervous about fitting 'regular' strings but may struggle to find Godin branded strings in their local store.

But Godin strings are supplied to them by D'Addario, so if you are unable to fing Godin strings then look for the more commonly-available D'Addario strings of the same gauge.

For example, Godin recommend for their Multiac Steel SA and Multiac Steel Duet guitars, Godin A6XLT 'Phosphor Bronze' Extra Light strings (.010,.014,.023,.030,.039,.047).

A quick check of the D'addario website shows that EJ15 Extra Light strings are the same gauges... and are probably the same strings in a different packet!

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