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Elixir launch "Pro Packs" for guitarists who change strings often

Elixir Strings Pro Packs

Serious guitarists who gig regularly can get through a lot of packs of strings... and he cost can start to be significant. In recognition of this, Elixir Strings has unveiled the "Pro Pack", a cost effective solution for guitarists that get through a large amount of strings. read more »

Elixir Strings chosen for Michael Lewis Guitars

Elixir Strings on Michael Lewis Guitars

Michael Lewis Guitars has chosen to fit Elixir Strings as standard to all its guitars.

The new line of electric guitars by top session guitarist Michael Lewis are to be built by master luthiers at Southbound Custom (builders for Gibson and for Gruhn Guitars). read more »

Rotosound launch new coated Nexus strings

Rotosound Nexus coated guitar strings

Iconic British guitar string maker Rotosound have launched their first range of coated guitar strings for both acoustic and electric guitars under the brand name "Nexus". Both Nexus string types use a special polycoat material to give a smooth touch and longer life, improving tone and preventing tarnishing. read more »

Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings


Are all coated guitar strings created equal? read more »

Ernie Ball titanium coated guitar strings now available

Ernie BAll Titanium Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball's new Titanium Reinforced coated Electric Strings are now available in all your favorite Ernie Ball Slinky gauges. Titanium guitar strings combine the latest technological advances in string manufacturing; all wound strings are treated with a micro-thin layer of an exclusive enamel that prevents decay and corrosion up to 5 times more than uncoated sets. read more »

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