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Elixir launch "Pro Packs" for guitarists who change strings often

Elixir Strings Pro Packs

Serious guitarists who gig regularly can get through a lot of packs of strings... and he cost can start to be significant. In recognition of this, Elixir Strings has unveiled the "Pro Pack", a cost effective solution for guitarists that get through a large amount of strings. read more »

Elixir launch new Anti-Rust Strings


Elixir have launched a new range of Electric Guitar Strings with an ultra-thin NANOWEBâ„¢ coating, branded "anti-rust". Elixir claim that this new innovation can extend the life of plain steel strings by 3-5 times - something that should prove popular with guitarists who have seen the effect that sweaty fingers can have on regular plain steel strings! read more »

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