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GHS Coated Boomers for Electric Guitar now available

GHS Coated Boomers - Electric guitar strings

Round-wound American-made GHS Boomers have been firm favorites with electric guitarists for many years, with their distinctive powerful sound. New for 2010, GHS have anounced a coated version of these poular nickel steel strings. read more »

New foil packaging for GHS Boomers

GHS Boomers foil pack

The well-loved GHS "Boomers" range of electric guitar strings is now available in new environmentally-friendly stay-fresh foil packaging, following the trend being adopted by many major string manufacturers worldwide. read more »

Laurence Juber Signature acoustic guitar strings from GHS


GHS have teamed up with former Wings guitarist Laurence Juber to produce Signature Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings. Originally from London, England, Juber has lived in California for many years. Since Wings split he has worked as a studio musician and played guitar for numerous television shows and movies, including playing the James Bond theme for the movie The Spy Who Loved Me. read more »

GHS Sub-zero Boomers - electric guitar strings from the deep freeze!


GHS "Boomers" already have a big following, especially with guitarists in the USA.

Now GHS have launched super-boomers in the form of their Sub-Zero Boomers series.

The GHS Sub-Zero Boomer strings are cryogenically treated in a computerized system with liquid nitrogen, taking them down to a temperature of below -300 degrees fahrenheit, before gradually bringing them back up to room temperature. read more »

Pink Floyd's Gilmour promotes GHS strings

GHS Strings Dave Gilmour

Floyd's Guitar God Gilmour now has his own Signature Series of strings from GHS.

David Gilmour's connection with GHS' Boomers series goes back to 1979, when he started using them on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" project.

He uses gauges 10, 12, 16, 28, 38, and 48 on his Fender Stratocasterâ„¢, and gauges 10.5, 13, 17, 30, 40, and 50 on his Gibson Les Paulâ„¢. read more »

GHS Launch Magnetic Pressure-Wound Bass Strings

GHS pressure wound bass guitar strings

GHS have launched a new range of "pressure wound" electric bass strings. Made from a magentically active material, Alloy 52, GHS Pressurewound bass strings are made to specifically increase the string's brightness. Each string is slightly flattened in the winding process to give you a great feeling string that cuts down on finger noise. read more »

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