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Sfarzo launch new alloy strings - EMPYREAN and NICKELANIUM

Sfarzo guitar strings

With their hook line "Superior guitar strings for superior guitarists", Santa Rosa California-based Sfarzo Strings are launching two new sets of strings in January 2011. According to Sfarzo, both the EMPYREAN acoustic guitar strings and NICKELANIUM for electric guitar give an outstanding bright sound and more sustain than conventional strings.

The NICKELANIUM Nickel Strings are advertised as Outstanding for Screaming Leads and Chomping rhythms. Excellent for live performance and studio sessions.. In addition to conventional sets of 9, 10 and 11 gauge, the NICKELANIUM strings are available in an additional 7 sets of different string gauge combinations - great for guitarists who like to experiment. read more »

Halo Guitars choose Sfarzo electric guitar strings

Halo Octavia 8-String guitar

Halo Custom Guitars, whose electric guitars include the amazing Halo Octavia 8-String (pictured) are now fitting Sfarzo strings to all their guitars.

With their tagline Superior guitar strings for superior guitarists, the Sfarzo String Company of Santa Rosa, California produce a range of strings including read more »

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