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What are the best strings to use on Godin guitars?

Godin guitars are supplied with their own branded strings, whether electric, acoustic or nylon. Because the Godin Multiac guitars in particular are rather unusual, people are nervous about fitting 'regular' strings but may struggle to find Godin branded strings in their local store. read more »

Can I put steel strings on my classical guitar?

Sometimes people ask us whether they can change the sound of their classical guitar by changing its nylon classical strings for steel acoustic guitar strings.

The answer is simple: No, don't do it!! read more »

What is the "shelf life" of guitar strings?

Elixir Strings Pro Packs

Modern guitar strings should be fine for at least 3-4 years if kept in good conditions. If using strings in traditional packaging, keep then in an air-tight container and away from cold and damp - high humidity is the enemy of guitar strings! read more »

When was the steel string acoustic guitar invented?

martin acoustic guitar.jpg

The steel string acoustic guitar was invented by Guitar maker Christian Fredrich Martin. Martin moved from Germany to America in 1833 and worked as a guitar maker, or luthier. American guitarists wanted a louder and brighter sounding guitar, to play in bands with banjos and other instruments that produced a louder and brasher sound. read more »

What is the different between electric, acoustic and classical guitar strings?

There are three main types of guitar strings: Electric, Acoustic and Classical..

Electric guitar strings
Usually Nickel-plated steel wound onto carbon steel, but sometimes stainless steel. Because the electric guitar pickup directly senses the vibration of the string magnetically, the strings must be made of ferrous metals - i.e. they must contain iron, which is magnetic. read more »

Are extra light strings best for a beginner learning guitar?

Extra Light guitar strings are normally 8 gauge for electric guitar and are available from most major string makers. Beginners are often tempted use extra light strings because they are easier to hold down and aren't so hard on the new guitarist's fingers - all guitarists have experienced grooves in their fingertips and the pain that goes with it! However, there are a number of problems with using very light strings on your guitar... read more »

What strings should I use for my Ovation electro-acoustic guitar?

You need phosphor-bronze acoustic strings for any electro-acoustic guitar, as they use piezo-electric under-bridge pickups, not magnetic pickups used on electric guitars. Ovation fit D'Addario EXP16 (.012-.053) 12's as standard, but you can use lighter strings if you prefer (easier to play, but tone not quite so strong and less sustain). I'd also recommend Rotosound Jumbo Kings - JK12 or JK11.

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