Guitar playing tips

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How can I stop my left hand aching?

Guitar hand trainer (Small image)

Getting the left hand chord shapes right is a big problem for most beginners and often leads to achey hands and stiff fingers. read more »

Should I remove my guitar's string trees?

guitar string tree

People often ask us why some guitars have string trees and some don't. read more »

How can I stop my guitar strings buzzing?

According to a Guitar String Guide poll, stopping buzzing is the most difficult thing for beginners learning to play the guitar. There are two main causes of string buzzing (commonly known as fret buzz) - player technique and guitar setup.
To check which is causing the problem for you, first check your guitar setup.

Guitar setup problems read more »

How can I stop my guitar strings squeaking?

It is common for guitar strings to squeak when sliding the fingers up and down the fretboard. There are several ways you can prevent - or at least reduce - this squeaking noise.
1) Clean/lubricate your strings with Fast Fret guitar string cleaner
2) Regularly use "The Swipe" - a suede-like cleaning product
3) Change your strings! Old strings tend to squeak more than new strings read more »

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