Who plays what?

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What strings does Slash of Guns n Roses use?

Slash Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

Slash (real name Saul Hudson) is of course best known as the lead guitarist of the Guns N' Roses in the 1980s and early 1990s, but also played in Slash's Snakepit for some of that time. He then co-founded the Velvet Revolver and continued to play great guitar through the mid to late 2000s. In 2010, Slash released his debut solo album, along with an all-star roster of famous guest musicians. read more »

What strings does Steve Vai use?

Steve Via - which guitar strings does he use?

Who is Steve Vai

Steve Vai is the architypal American virtuoso rock guitarist.
Three-times Grammy winner, he started out playing with Frank Zapper and ended up ten years later in Whitesnake... before starting his solo career as a guitar superhero. His list of Best Guitarist, Best Solo, Best Album etc has been growing year-on-year for two decades. As well as being know for heis speed and playing accuracy, Steve's got a deep academic knowledge of music theory and a love of exotic guitars, including twin and triple necks. read more »

What brand of strings does Steve Vai use?

What strings does James Dean Bradfield of the Manics use?

James Dean Bradfield - what guitar strings?

James Dean Bradfield of Welsh Band Manic Street Preachers was previously endorsed by Ernie Ball but switched over to Optima Strings in early 2010. He generally uses Optima Chrome Electric strings, either gauges 10-46 or 11-50, depending on what guitar he's playing. read more »

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