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What is Nashville guitar tuning?

Nashville Tuning uses exactly the same notes as standard guitar tuning, but in different octaves. It uses only high sounding notes and contains no bass strings. The result is a unique bright treble sound that is fantastic when played alongside another guitar with regular tuning - especially useful for recording a 12-string guitar sound when no 12-string is available. read more »

What is "open tuning" on a guitar?

Standard guitar tuning - E A D G B E' - is very versatile, but sounds discordant when strummed with no strings being fretted.

However, if you retune to E, B, E, G#, B, E' and strum the open strings you will hear a chord of E - this is, for obvious reasons, known as "Open E" Tuning. read more »

What is a "Power Chord"?

Power Chords (or "Rock Chords") are not truly chords at all, as they use only two notes of the scale - the root and fifth. Strictly, a chord must have at least 3 different notes! However, power chords are a great way of playing rock songs and are much easier to play than barre chords and are used extensively in rock music, especially Heavy Metal. read more »

Why won't my G string stay in tune?

guitar nut showing string slots

If your guitar has a single string that seems to go out of tune but the other strings hold their tuning OK, there is one common likely reason. Assuming that you gave checked that the string is not slipping on the tuning peg (which usually gives a big drop in pitch), then the most likely problem is that the string is sticking in the guitar's nut. read more »

What are the string notes for bass guitar tuning?

Standard tuning for 4 string bass guitar is E A D G - the same as the lowest-sounding strings of a six-string guitar, but an octave lower.

This goes from the 4th string (the thickest string) to the 1st string (the thinnest string)...

E - 4th string - Thickest string - Lowest note
A - 3th string
D - 2nd string read more »

What are the string notes for normal guitar tuning?

Standard tuning for guitar is E A D G B E

This goes from the 6th string (the thickest string) to the 1st string (the thinnest string)...

E - 6th string - Thickest string - Lowest note
A - 5th string
D - 4th string
G - 3rd string
B - 2nd string
E - 1st string - Thinnest string - Highest note

What is Drop D Tuning?

Drop D Heavy Metal Guitar Strings

Drop D Tuning is used by many grunge, metal and heavy rock bands, as it makes it really easy to get a heavy rock sound using only one finger to barre the chords! Drop D Tuning is probably the easiest alternative tuning for guitar as it involves retuning only one string - the sixth string. It simply changes the 6th string from and 'E' note to a 'D' note. read more »

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