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Rotosound contact core acoustic guitar strings are now Super Bronze

Rotosound Super Bronze contact core strigs

UK guitar string maker Rotosound have re-branded their famous 'contact core' acoustic guitar strings for 2010. Known as 'Country Golds' since their launch in 1974, the popular strings have been re-christened "Super Bronze" to widen their appeal beyond the Country genre.

James How, Rotosound's founder, pioneered the contact core strings believing that the unusual design with the string's centre core resting on the bridge of the guitar helped to produce a brighter, louder sound with a longer sustain. They also have the side-effect of slightly reducing the action of the guitar without any adjustment! read more »

Rotosound announce "Double Decker" dual string packs

Rotosound Double Decker dual string packs

Launched in NAMM 2010, British string maker Rotosound are to introduce dual guitar string sets branded "Double Decker" after the iconic British double decker bus.

The formula is simple Rotosound have taken two sets from their mot popular Roto nickel on steel "Roto" range and have housed them in a single pack. read more »

Rotosound launch "British Steels" electric guitar strings

Jimi Hendrix - Rotosound guitar strings

British guitar string maker Rotosound has launched new stainless steel strings based on their popular 1960s classics, but using improved processes and better materials

The original 1960s Rotosound stainless steel strings were used by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend, Brian May and many others, giving the clear, bright punchy 60's sound, read more »

Rotosound launch new coated Nexus strings

Rotosound Nexus coated guitar strings

Iconic British guitar string maker Rotosound have launched their first range of coated guitar strings for both acoustic and electric guitars under the brand name "Nexus". Both Nexus string types use a special polycoat material to give a smooth touch and longer life, improving tone and preventing tarnishing. read more »

Rotosound announce "No price increase"


English guitar string maker Rotosound are advertising "0% price increase in January 2009".
January is the time when string suppliers generally revise their prices, typically adding an inflation-matched percentage to their wholesale prices, which is then passed on to the guitarist buyer. read more »

Rotosound launch "Drop Zone" strings for drop tuning

Rotosound RS66LH Strings

English guitar string maker Rotosound has launched a new range of strings for both bass and electric guitar.

The strings are ideal for drop-D tuning, popular with grunge, garage and heavy rock bands. (Check our FAQ on drop D tuning here: read more »

Rotosound celebrates 50th birthday with a new image

Rotosound guitar strings new image

British manufacturer Rotosound Music Strings is 50 years old in 2008 and to reflect life in the 21st Century has decided it's
time for a facelift. The famous Rotosound Lion, a mainstay for many years, is to be
replaced with a grungy, funkier feel and a clear to read, concise box front. Their entire packaging read more »

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