What strings does Slash of Guns n Roses use?

Slash Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

Slash (real name Saul Hudson) is of course best known as the lead guitarist of the Guns N' Roses in the 1980s and early 1990s, but also played in Slash's Snakepit for some of that time. He then co-founded the Velvet Revolver and continued to play great guitar through the mid to late 2000s. In 2010, Slash released his debut solo album, along with an all-star roster of famous guest musicians.

Slash was named him runner-up on their list of "The 10 Best Electric Guitar Players" by Time magazine in 2009, featured in Guitar World's "100 Greatest Guitar Solos" in 2008, and took the No. 1 spot in "The 100 Greatest Riffs" in 2004 for the riff

from "Sweet Child o' Mine".

So, what strings does Slash use?

Ernie Ball claim that "Slash has relied on Ernie Ball Strings live and in the studio for over 20 years." He is believed to favor Ernie Ball RPS strings (.011 - .048) tuned down to Eb on his 'modern' Les Pauls. RPS stands for "Reinforced Plain Strings". A patented winding of bronze wire is tightly wrapped around the lock twist of the ball end, preventing the breakage that often appears here. It is claimed that RPS strings last longer and stay in tune better than conventional plain strings and both slippage and breakage are minimised.

On his vintage guitars, Slash uses Ernie Ball 10-46 strings. (It is reported that Slash-owned vintage Les Pauls have stickers on the back of the headstocks saying "10-46" - presumably for the benefit of his guitar tech!)

Unsurprisingly, given his choice of heavy gauge guitar strings, Slash also tends to use heavy picks - usually Dunlop Tortex 1.14 mm (the Purple ones).

Slash has a collection of over 100 guitars - a large number of these being his trademark Gibson Les Pauls.

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